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…I remember the moment my first was born…

5 years of infertility, countless appointments, injections, blood work, ultrasounds, tests, 2 rounds of IVF, 9 anxious months….and here we were. There she was. The little person I had dreamed about holding in my arms for the last five years, never knowing if this day would actually ever come.

This tiny, perfect little human, had just given me the most important title I would ever hold. Mom. Our entire world was changed. She wasn’t even 4 hours old and I already could not remember what I had ever done before she was here. She was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. And she was mine.

“…I will love you forever…”

I would stare at her thinking, “I will never forget this moment. I will never forget what you feel like, what you smell like, and how you feel curled up on my chest”.

I would study her face and wanted to remember every single detail of her as a brand new baby. Her little nose, and perfect little lips. Her long, dark lashes that she most definitely did NOT get from me. Her tiny toes and chubby feet fit in the palm of my hand. The way her cry sounded like a baby lamb when she got really mad at a diaper change.

I would tear up every time reality hit, that she won’t be like this for long. I longed to know what she would be like as a toddler, while at the same time longing for days to slow down so I could soak in her newness for just a little longer.

“…as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be…”


I specialize in Luxury Newborn Fine Art Portraiture. Documenting the smallest details of this amazing milestone in your life, and turning it into beautiful Art is my passion.


When you book your maternity session with me, you are booking a Custom Portrait Experience, designed around your dream photoshoot. Let’s discuss your vision, your style, and your dreams for the beautiful art we will create together.

Complimentary Wardrobe

As a client, you have access to my extensive collection and client wardrobe and are welcome to wear any piece I offer, and as many as you like.

I also work with an amazing dress designer, so if you do not see an item in my wardrobe that suits your vision, we can discuss and design a dress that will! (Depending on the dress, additional costs *may* apply for custom dress design and creation.)

Artistic Retouching

Editorial retouching is included in the purchase of your final images. Your final images will be carefully and artfully hand-retouched to perfection. The ultimate goal is to create beautiful, artistic pieces to be displayed in your home, and cherished by your family for years to come.

Exclusive Bookings

I am usually booked out months in advance, as I take limited bookings each month, so that I may give you the care and attention you deserve, making myself available to you every step of the way. I also offer in-home design and wardrobe consults after booking, where I can come to your home and help you plan and design arrangements for your artwork as well as help you pick out outfits.